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“I AM HERO is a career platform that connects people and companies in a smarter way where dream jobs manifest by design”
...And, we just love doing that! "

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I am Hero!

We believe that everyone has something unique to offer which they can contribute to the world. To us, you already are a Hero. We just help you to show your superpower.

We offer you the service you deserve. With I AM HERO you can create a personally tailored profile that highlights your individual heroic characteristics and personality traits so it can be shown and matched to companies, headhunters, partners and the whole world.

We are a team of professionals who are united through a novel idea.

Everyone should be able to emphasize their personality features and their professional skills. I AM HERO is a software as a service solution (SAAS), fitted for daily use as well as long term purposes.

Together, we can all be Heroes. In the modern world we need diverse, responsible and talented professionals to shape the future together. With you, we can revolutionize and transform society.

Michael BerlantI AM HERO founder
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We're pleased to introduce you to multiple companies and our partners who believe in heroes

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The team

Here we are! We're the guys standing behind service
philosophy, managing, developing and promoting.

Mikhael berlant
Mihail Berlant DIRECTOR

Doing online business since 17 years. Founded several ventures. My passion is to develop products that are consumer oriented. E-commerce specialist from day one, from eBay sales advice to the creation of companies that questioned traditional sales channels. Former founder and CEO of Fotofox, successfully sold in 2016. IT consultant at Graf Master Academy and business analyst at United Crowd, a VC based on blockchain technology. Founder and platform builder of, based on unique AI to bring talent and companies together.
Sergej 1x1
Sergii Sopot DIRECTOR

A lawyer by degree and an entrepreneur at heart. For more than 25 years I have conducted successful legal practice in Ukraine defending enterprises in court. A specialist in corporate law, ownership has created more than 10 enterprises. Owned and successfully managed recreational facilities. He was awarded for his contribution to the development of entrepreneurship in Ukraine. My motto is lifelong learning. The IamHero project is a new challenge and noble goals. Helping workers get the job of their dreams and enterprises have the best workforce.

Bewerbung kl
Alesya Gordina Brand Manager

A Brand and community manager with a keen focus on setting and implementing social media and communication campaigns to align with marketing strategies.
Maksim kondratiev
Maksim Kondratiev Project Manager

Experienced IT project manager, business strategist, design, art, sports and life lover. Developing game changing web & mobile projects is my rock'n'roll
Dmitrijs procvetovs
Dmitrijs Procvetovs Lead of Development Team
Olga brede
Olga Brede Design team Project manager
Jekaterina jefimova
Jekaterina Jefimova Art Director
Eugene sheeleen
Eugene Sheeleen UI Designer
Andew ovchinnikov
Andrew Ovchinnikov PHP developer
Janis vanags
Janis Vanags Development project manager
Uwe uehle
Uwe Uehle Affiliate Manager

Motivate people to unleash their inner potential. Helping people to succeed and will use his arsenal of technological and marketing insights to keep everybody equipped with the most cutting edge tools and techniques.
Vadim dorman
Vadim Dorman Marketing and Communication
Klaus Kroeger Investor / Advisor

Klaus is co-founder, major shareholder and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Pure + Solid®, a successful company specialized in payment eco-systems and metal credit card manufacturing. He has 15 years of banking experience, lately served as Managing Director for the leading European prepaid card issuer in the United Kingdom. Klaus previously worked for Wirecard AG, KarstadtQuelle Bank AG and WestLB AG. He holds a Diploma in Marketing & Communication from the Düsseldorfer Marketing Academy “damk” and is a qualified banker.
Rainer brosy
Rainer Brosy Marketing Manager Germany

Experienced SEO-Specialist and marketing agency owner. Rainer is over 10 years self-employed, developing various projects and helping his clients to reach their goals.
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All IAMHERO servers provide the highest standards for privacy and security of all data, located in several distributed TÜV certified covert German data center locations.

All server locations are powered by 100% certified eco-power using energy-saving climate systems, allowing for 45% reduction of energy costs with 2 separate and independent power supplies and diesel generators for backup to guarantee interruption-free power supply. "


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