We have created the Affiliate program with
YOU in mind!


We know from our own experience that true success begins with what we can do for those who help us, so we have done the Maximum possible to help you help us!

Here, we are giving you the opportunity to become one of our highly valued, highly paid and highly appreciated team players... A place where we can establish a long lasting relationship of trust and mutual cooperation, one in which we both win by expanding our horizons as we multiply our rewards and increase our benefits.... a place you can actually call home!

Now YOU can become part of our fast growing IAMHERO Family as a great Team Player and promote this wonderful service to your friends, your colleagues, your family or anyone out there who can benefit from this outstanding and long overdue service.

Here’s how it works:

“Our Affiliates earn rewards in multiple ways, so let’s begin with the first way which is the 5 tier referral system"

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The Basic Hero Status

Everyone who creates a profile in the Iamhero service is considered a ‘Hero Status’ user. 

By using the “Refer a Friend Program”, Basic Hero Users can earn the SUPERHERO status by inviting at least 10 friends that are creating their resume and have completed at least 80% of their resume. Visit our ‘Refer A Friend Program’ page for more details.

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When a Basic Hero User upgrades to the Superhero status, they benefit from all the features offered in the IAH service. See the details on the IAH service Features in the service section of this website. Only Superhero Users can qualify to become affiliates and earn commissions for referrals.

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This Status is for those who are serious about making Iamhero one of their income streams. To become an AFFILIATE SUPERHERO, Superheroes must first agree to the special terms of service agreement to activate their Affiliate Account. Once all steps are fulfilled, Affiliates benefit from commissions paid out to them on 5 referral levels.


During our IAH service Pre-Launch, the price for upgrading to Superhero status is only $39 USD .... PLUS, we will be giving back IAHC Coins equal in value to the upgrade price!

Hurry and grab this offer while it lasts!

In light of this Promotion, IAH will be rewarding Affiliate Superheroes with the equal amount of their commissions in IAHC COIN Value.

Example: 25% of $39 = $9.75 USD

Plus an equivalent of $9.75 in IAHC Coins.

The regular upgrade from Hero to Superhero status is $79 USD per year



25% commission is paid out to you on Direct Referrals when that referral becomes a Superhero.

Example 1

You refer John, John becomes a superhero; you receive 25% commission ($19.75) every year for as long as you and John both remain Active Superheroes.



10% commission is paid out to you on the referral of one of your Direct Referrals when that referral becomes a Superhero.

Example 2

Your direct referral John refers Anna, Anna becomes a superhero; If John became an Affiliate, he receives 25% commission from Anna’s upgrade ($19.75); and you receive 10% commission ($7.90) every year for as long as you and Anna both remain Active Superheroes.



10% commission is paid out to you when a referral of one of the referrals of your Direct Referrals becomes a Superhero.

Example 3

Your indirect referral Anna refers Nancy, Nancy becomes a superhero; If Anna has become an Affiliate, she receives 25% commission from Nancy’s upgrade ($19.75); Affiliate John receives 10% commission for Nancy ($7.90), and you receive 10% commission ($7.90) every year for as long as you and Nancy remain Active Superheroes.

IMPORTANT NOTE for clarity:

Those who have activated their Affiliate Superhero status earn commissions, whereas those who haven’t do not. Affiliates earn commissions on upgrades whether or not the person who upgrades becomes an affiliate or not. Superheroes MUST activate their Affiliate status to earn referral commissions, otherwise they will not earn commissions.... the Affiliate status is not an automatic process when a User Upgrades from Hero to Superhero!

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The Program gives out 55% of its generated income directly to its Affiliates... but it breaks down even further.

30% is then injected into the IAHC Coin holder pool to the benefit of all IAHC Coin holders, and the left over 15% is channeled towards administrative and development costs.

This Affiliate Program actually gives out 85% of the Sales which are generated through it. At IAMHERO, we have set our main focus on Expansion and Growth!

Other ways Active Affiliates earn commissions.

IAHC Coins: During upgrade promotions, IAH will be rewarding Affiliate Superheroes with matching the amount of their commissions in IAHC COIN Value.

Example (promo upgrade price is set to $39 USD):

25% of $39 = $9.75 USD. Affiliates will earn $9.75 USD Plus the equivalent of $9.75 USD in IAHC Coins. The 25% commission is matched with $9.75 USD IAHC COIN Value. This also applies to the 2nd,3rd, 4th & 5th tier commissions of 10%, 10%, 5% and 5% respectively.

I AM HERO Founding Member -> $699 USD

(only available until May 17th 2018 - regular lifetime fee $1399)

Includes Everything for Life + 69900 IAHC bonus coins

Founding Member Benefits:

  • Get all future IAH Superhero features and services FREE for life

  • Benefit proportionally from all future IAH platform revenue

  • Optional Superhero badge on your resume

  • 69900 IAHC bonus coins

Affiliates will earn 25% ($174.75) + 17475 IAHC ($174.75 value) - total value equivalent: $349.50

This also applies to the 2nd,3rd, 4th & 5th tier commissions of 10%, 10%, 5% and 5% respectively.

The Hiring of a Referral:

When a referral is hired by an employer through the system, there is a time period which expires once the person is officially accepted by the hiring Employer. Once this period has expired and the hiring is official, the Affiliate who referred this person is paid a Bonus by IAH.

Increases in IAHC Coin Value:


Freelancing contracts and/or contractual worker contracts pay out 5% of the contract’s value to IAH.
This 5% return is split in half 50/50;
2.5% is reinjected into the IAHC COIN pool 2.5% goes to IAMHERO Inc.

This has the effect of increasing the IAHC Coin value over the entire holdings. As a result, everyone benefits.


The Affiliate Program

As previously mentioned above, 30% of the Affiliate program’s revenue is reinjected into the IAHC Coin Pool to the benefit of all IAHC Coin holders

Hiring of a User/Candidate

When a User/Candidate gets hired, 15% of the employee’s yearly salary is required to be paid to IAH by the company hiring after the trial period is over. 33% of this 15%, is reinjected in the IAHC Coin pool which increases the Coin’s value and benefits all holders.