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AI is fascinating
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Artificial Intelligence is quite Fascinating, and many companies are now turning to AI to accomplish in minutes, tasks which would take weeks to accomplish by their employees. This new trend seems to be growing rapidly and more Corporations are being added to the list every day. Those equipping their software with AI capabilities are not just the multinationals, there are corporations big and small jumping on the band wagon to stay competitive in this new era of AI assisted tasking technology which has now gone global.

AI assisted software is now a must for any corporation seriously wanting to stay afloat in the new marketplace. The point of no return for AI implementation has been reached and it’s now well in progress. Those who don’t use it will be those who fall behind―it’s that simple!

As an example, we look into IAMHERO Inc. IAMHERO ( ) is a relatively new company coming to the marketplace with an AI assisted matching service which connects Candidates with Employers in a flash. The System uses many parameters to yield perfect matches between Candidate profile/Resumes and Employer Job offers. A team of programmers have been hard at work for over a year now, prepping the system with many features. One of the company’s programmers, Dmitrijs Procvetovs, has extensive knowledge in working with ‘TensorFlow’ (Google’s latest open sourced machine learning system), upon which he actually wrote a thesis. IAMHERO is in no way a popup Company; they have been at work on this project for over a year now and ensure select professionals in their team at every level. Offering the highest quality possible in products and services is basically their benchmark standard.

Their website is in the Beta testing stage; however it’s already semi-functional while still under construction. To very briefly describe the main service they will be offering; Candidates set up their personal profile adding their skill sets and personality traits etc. and The Companies add their Job offers which include the skillsets they are looking for, and from then on, the AI system does the rest. Candidates are advantaged in an aesthetically attractive profile model and need only set it up once. No more writing painstaking personalized intro letters for each job they wish to apply for.  Companies are introduced to their dream candidates in minutes rather than days and there’s no middleman to deal with. AI renders the matching task virtually painless. It’s efficient, cost effective and liberating. 

So even for this medium sized Company, AI has proven to be affordable and indispensable in bringing them to the top, providing a valuable service to Jobseekers and Companies alike ― and THAT is Fascinating!

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