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Freelancing Is not an easy Job ‼
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Freelancing was never easy, and being in my 23rd year of freelancing, I’m well positioned to say that!

The many problems we have as freelancers are topped by the one most difficult problem of them all, and without such a difficulty, Freelancing would be a Great Job!

There are many hurtles in the “sport” of freelancing, among which we can definitely highlight; “finding customers with whom we can create great business relationships with”. Sometimes we end up being the TAC board on the “to do” wall and end up getting everything stuck onto us with the expectation we’ll be able to do miracles.... At times we almost feel like we‘re the company’s pin cushion... 

I’m not saying we don’t do miracles... because sometimes we actually do! However, as stressful all of that is, it’s not the biggest problem. The real problem is getting paid on time or just plain getting paid period.... Companies have a habit of asking freelancers things in the most unclear way they can. The more the freelancer agrees to do what the corporate person is asking for without meticulously ironing out all the creases in the fabric beforehand, the more the company will expect from the freelancer while holding back on payment. This is a regular problem and the most prominent one of them all.

As a freelancer, you do want to keep your customers happy and bring them quality work for a fair and competitive price, so often times we’ll bend over backwards and twist ourselves into doing near twice as much work for the same price. This problem is the greatest problem in freelancing and many times, the freelancer doesn’t get paid at all. Ask any freelancer and they’ll tell you this exact same thing! Running after your wages and getting paid a fair price is the greatest problem freelancers have had to contend with, but that is.... until now!

Meet the Blockchain and its smart contracts

A new service is going online and for those of us who use it, it will totally solve this problem! This new service is the IAMHERO Inc Tokenized Blockchain system for freelancers. This new technology uses Tokens in its system and smart contracts on a blockchain ledger to regulate and guarantee that Freelancers and/or contractual workers get paid for their work/services at their proper rates and also that Companies get the exact services/work they asked for and expect. The system is a win/win deal for everyone since the smart contracts are clear and concise, allowing both parties to know exactly what the other party wants. Companies pay for the specific work they requested while freelancers do no more than what was negotiated with them.

The system is genius really! This is how it works:

First as freelancers, we enroll into the system by creating a profile. This is actually a high quality resume that really makes us stand out among the others. As we create our profile and include our personality characteristics, an AI assisted self-learning program collects our data and immediately begins to search for companies or contractors who need the services we are providing. This way, we can get offers directly from the matching system without lifting a finger to look for them.

Once a deal is underway between a freelancer (service provider) and a company, both parties enter their contract information into the system in detail. The amount of work is determined and evaluated by the service provider and the parties agree upon the terms and conditions of the contract. This contract is part of the blockchain therefore once it is created, it will execute automatically. The requesting party then purchases tokens (Coins) equal to the sum of the contract and these are held in the system to be paid out when the contract’s terms and conditions have been completed. This means the freelancer gets paid and the company gets the services they have paid for.

In this way, trust relationships can and will form between freelancers and their customers. The good ones will be sifted out from the bad ones on either side of the fence! Companies who take advantage of freelancers and don’t pay will quickly end up in blog posts and on social media as the villains and so will freelancers who do not render good services. So everyone wins in this new way of doing business... 

Hats Off to IAMHERO Inc, and their Team of outstanding Heroes!


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