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IAMHERO Inc is hitting the Job search Market running with its New AI Assisted Matching Engine
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New technology is always welcome when it makes our lives easier, and Iamhero has applied this new technology to the Job Search Industry. Over a year ago, an international team of top notch programmers (all highly specialized and experienced in their respective fields of expertise), were assembled to create the perfect Job Search Engine which could ‘Match-Up’ Candidates with their “adamantly desired” Dream Jobs by connecting them directly to the Employers who were offering them.

The way it works is very efficient, cost effective and user-friendly. As we all know, Job Searching is a job in itself, which is relentlessly tiresome, mostly ineffective and very time consuming. Many studies have shown that today’s available job searching methods are very archaic and riddled with problems. Hence, in light of these statistical results, we realize that the classic job application market has not adapted to the technical possibilities available, to really focus in on the personality of a given job seeker’s; talents, true personality, exceptional skill sets and specific expertise. It has been that way for decades and there was just no better way of completing that painstaking task ― UNTIL NOW. IAMHERO has set its focus on the employee, the hero-job seeker who is perfect for the position being offered, rather than setting the accent on the employers themselves. This methodology changes the dynamics of the job search arena, since it establishes a new standard, and a format in which both parties benefit greatly in being made for each other.

The IAMHERO model establishes a new interactive communication platform in which both parties can have their specific needs fulfilled through efficient and constructive dialogue rather than through guess work and uncertainties. Candidates can register for free and create their Profiles/Resumes in an enhanced, easy to set up and aesthetically attractive way. Iamhero provides a secure platform to connect candidates and Employers together by using Artificial Intelligence which operates at the speed of light to match up criteria between both parties. It uses many parameters to complete this task and it works 24/7 returning the perfect matchups between highly qualified professionals and the companies who desperately need them. Google’s open source AI tool Tensorflow™ was used by one of IAMHERO’s in-house programmers (Dmitrijs Procvetovs, who consequent to his extensive knowledge relative to this tool actually wrote a thesis on it), to base AI integration with the approximated 150 parameters in the IAMHERO platform which generates increasingly better matchings over time as the system learns on its own.

Candidates have the option to add features to their online Resume such as short Video presentations, social media linkages (such as Twitter and Facebook etc...), receiving bonuses for referring their friends to the service and marketing themselves to employers directly (without having to go through an agency or headhunter) by simply providing their Profile link through direct emails or other online means if they so choose. In the fields provided by the system In their ‘Hero profile’ setup, Candidates enter the most data they can. Once they have completed their Resume/Profile, the system begins finding the job offers which match their qualifications using their data to connect it up with Employers in search of their exact qualifications. Employers are then notified of the results and can go through a profile/Resume overview without having access to the candidate’s confidential information thereby increasing overall security and privacy.

If the Company takes interest in the candidate(s) presented to it by the system, it can purchase the complete profile information under a confidentiality agreement with Iamhero to secure the candidate’s private info. The company then sends a request to their chosen candidate(s) for a one to one meeting with them directly through the system. If the candidate accepts the meeting, the two are connected. Employers and Candidates can discuss the job offer together privately and negotiate the terms they mutually desire. So once a Candidate has setup his/her Resume profile, the system takes over and finds the right Employer and job offer which best matches that candidate’s credentials and conditions criteria... it’s that simple! 

For more information on the service, hop over to and take a tour of the features and what Iamhero has to offer. It really is the new way to go job hunting... “What can be a better way to go job searching than not having to go at all...?”. At the moment this article is being posted (October 3rd 2017), Iamhero is still in Beta testing stage, but soon it will be fully functional. During the beta testing stage, there are great perks and rebates on specialized features, so it’s a good time to sign up and get those perks before the official launch.

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