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The I AM HERO Matching System is poised to revolutionize the Job Search Industry
i am hero

by Rick McGrath

The upcoming and NEW I AM HERO MATCHING SYSTEM (IAH) for “dream-job” seekers is on its way to hit the Job search market with a bang! After over a year in development, it is finally near ready to go fully functional and change job searching for good. Its inception was inspired by the many problems encountered in the present job search industry. Statistical data gathered by many studies conducted over the past several years has demonstrated that the status quo methods, presently in place for job seekers, just don’t cut it in today’s fast paced corporate world where efficiency meets the brick wall of obsolete procedures.

IAH’s Concept designer and CEO, Mihail Berlant has put together a team of High Tech programmers and software which uses AI to do the search tasks involved in matching employers with candidates. The outcome is an efficient and high performance system which uses over 150 parameters to find perfect match-ups between the parties, which means job seekers have virtually nothing more to do once their resume is setup and loaded into the system.

A very sophisticated profile template brings out a candidate’s skill sets and personality traits while providing a very practical overview feature which is easy to follow through as well as aesthetically professional. This feature allows employers to fully comprehend the candidate’s value, and since the system has done near all the employer’s searching tasks, they already know before even viewing the profile that the candidate being presented to them is qualified to do the job!

Although the system is still in its final stages of development, the creation of a profile on the system is partially possible. Several features are now functional and those which remain in development are the more sophisticated ones such as personal ‘video presentation’ uploads and social media capabilities. Candidates can join during pre-launch and use the IAH gamified affiliate program to kick-start their way to success.

Joining is free and they’ve loaded some great perks and advantages into it as well. The IAH website is now up and online for the purpose of Beta Testing its functionality while it is under construction. From what we can already see in the IAH service, it is poised to revolutionize the job search industry since it addresses all the problems which now cripple the job search Marketplace. The benefits to both candidates and employers are huge.

On a personal note, and to be totally honest about it, at first I saw the “hero” theme as being a bit sci-fi and more the fantasy thing, however once I dove into it and saw the concept and the product, I realized something. Nobody should be Flipping hamburgers (or doing some other shoddy job so to speak), with a Technical degree, Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree in their back pocket! Those of you who have done the studies ARE in fact the Heroes and you should at the very least be presented in a way which values who you really are and what you represent.

The IAH concept and design is the first and best way I’ve seen to date which values the person and doesn’t just replace him/her with a 3 page text and a picture or two. There is much more to a person than just a Candidacy and a skill set! IAH brings out the Hero in us by making a presentation that’s worthy of our value, so that Employers can see the Hero in us and from that perspective, chose the right Person and not just a candidate they think might be right for the position they need to fill. I have compared several existing services which are among the competition and without mentioning them here as to not discredit anyone in particular, I can say that IAH is the best I’ve come across to date.

At the time I am writing this article, (which is in the beginning stages of the IAH service), I highly recommend those of you who have college, Technical or University degrees to get into IAH as soon as possible due to the advantages offered to new subscribers during their pre-launch and also immediately after they launch the service. Since they are at ground level, they offer great rebates for their higher end services. 

The Basic enrollment is free and it will soon be available to use, however they have a great affiliate program that allows you to actually make some good coin while the service gets built. The program is gamified, which means you can get value tokens just by playing it through and also earn commissions just promoting the program itself to others. 

The Affiliate Program is actually a course in affiliate marketing which can be applied to any product’s promotion, so there’s a substantial added value to it. IAH has teamed up with the Program’s creators to offer it with their Service product at a ridiculously huge rebate. You can actually get the program for free if you simply earn the course, which is the first time I’ve ever seen this type of deal. The Gamified Affiliate Maker Program sells as a standalone product for over 500 $USD! I’ll leave the links for you to access all this stuff at the end of this short review article. 

In essence, Corporations should also have access to your personality and unique qualities as well as your skill sets and job history. Many times they hire someone that ends up not fitting into their work environment and vice-versa. A recent Gallup Poll reveals that nearly 70% of employees are dissatisfied with their job!

Citations extracted from the Article by Amy Adkins,;

“...Less than one-third (31.5%) of U.S. workers were engaged in their jobs”;

“...51%, were still "not engaged" and 17.5% were "actively disengaged";

“...Millennials are the least engaged group, at 28.9%.”....

“...Gallup's employee engagement data reveal that millennials are particularly less likely than other generations to say they "have the opportunity to do what they do best at work". This finding suggests that millennials may not be working in jobs that allow them to use their talents and strengths, thus creating disengagement.”

“...Gallup defines engaged employees as those who are involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace” 

So this new ‘IAH AI Assisted matching Service’ actually serves both Job Seekers and Employers alike. Employers who need their superheroes to complement their teams or simply replace employees who are useless to them can find the right person for their Company.

The really great thing about it is that Artificial Intelligence does the matching for you, so you need not spend hours writing tailored presentation letters to each and every job offer out there. A simple link to your profile will do the trick, and companies will benefit by getting a selection of perfectly matched candidates for the job postings they advertise. It’s really a win/win deal for everyone.

As it isn’t possible to explain it all for what it’s worth here in a short article, here below are the links you’ll want to check out. So have a better job-search experience by saving time, energy and even make money with this program while your dream job FINDS YOU! 

Have an Awesome Day!  (for Job-seekers)  (for Employers)

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