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The world needs more HEROES

The Business world is becoming more and more demanding as competitiveness takes the lead, dethroning the once secured loyal customer base which more or less gave Corporations their edge in the square. Customers are no longer local and dealing with global reach to find new ones who value your products and services enough to do business with you is becoming the bottom line in global reach marketing. Customers are becoming very demanding as they now have many businesses competing for their loyalty. There must be a lot of incentive for customers to become loyal repeat buyers!

Major Corporations are beginning to catch on to this trend since the robot on the phone has become the most annoying and disconnected thing that customers want to deal with―many preferring to just hang up the phone and try another company where they can have a real live person on the line who actually talks with them. Whether it’s Sales, Tech Support, Admin, Reception Desk, HR, President, VP, CEO or anyone in the Company whom a Customer needs to deal with, the number one thing they all want is another person to talk with and not some robot or number menu.  

Although we can argue that robots are cost effective, tireless and efficient, there’s something that many companies aren’t considering and the result is that they are constantly downsizing and fighting an uphill battle to compete with rival companies for the highly prized and dwindling customer base. The elephant in the room is that Robots don’t buy products and services.... Humans do! Therefore the more Companies replace humans with robots, the less potential buyers they will generate. It’s a mathematical equation which yields a road to oblivion and the repercussions are many. Simple logic tells us that this robotic era will eat itself out to its own demise if it continues down this road. Companies need real people to service other real people, and therefore; they need Heroes. Heroes are highly qualified, highly efficient, well trained professionals who are happy and engaged in their tasks. The problem is... Where are they?

The answer to that question is IAMHERO Inc.( This Company has created the perfect solution to finding the perfect Candidate (Hero) for the Company’s job offer and much needed perfect matchup. Over a year ago, Iamhero Inc set out to gather a group of Heroes to create a platform which values the People over the Companies. The Service is an automated matching service which uses Artificial Intelligence to match Candidates with Employers since the speed is essential to efficiently and positively return the right selection of potential candidates for the job position offered. This has always been a lengthy, expensive and inefficient task to complete with standard methods and has always created problems for both employees and employers alike.   

This new matching Service solves all these problems and ensures a near perfect matchup of Candidates and Employers. Presently in the Beta testing stage, as of the writing of this article, some functions are already online and can give people a feel of what is to come. Take a hop over to now and check out what they have in store for you. This will revolutionize the job search industry... no doubt about it!

Some Features of the service;

Aesthetically attractive profile/Resume

Quick matching by AI technology using Tensorflow™

Very attractive Gamified Affiliate Program with Tutor courses (Earn as you Learn) with marketing tools, e-letters and promo publications

Personalized links to market the product and receive benefits in return

Huge discounts during Pre-Launch on special services

Authentic crypto Tokens with Real value coming soon

Direct contact possibility with Employers on the spot (no middleman)

Integration of social media ID into profile/Resume with Video capability

Multiple Perks/Benefits for friend referrals

Set it and forget it Resume on autopilot, working 24/7 for Candidates 

Employers Contact Candidates instead of the other way around

Candidate’s personality is Highlighted along with skill sets

Secure platform insuring High level privacy

Great team of Tech Support for Users

Impeccable Customer Service

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Thousands of heroes can’t be wrong...

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