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In a corporate world filled with constant deadlines to meet, challenges in human resources to resolve and hiring dilemmas to contend with, we decided to get to work and provide you with something pleasantly refreshing... In response to popular demand, we’ve created an innovative online service that synchronizes personal qualities, skill sets and high level business savvy traits with job offer requirements and criteria, giving you the employer, a much better matching outcome for the choice candidates you absolutely need! Our system is backed up by our own unique AI (Artificial Intelligence) matching algorithms. We are not matching job titles with basic info as other systems do. We are matching more than 150 parameters dealing with professional and personal details to get the right employee matched with the right job....

I AM HERO connects you to your future employees. We call them Heroes for a special reason. In addition to their professional traits, they have personalities that can add tremendous value to your business. We literally synchronize personal life characteristics and qualities with working skills. This is a new and brave step in this domain. Employers trying to ‘find their Heroes’, is rapidly becoming a global trend and we saw the much needed connector necessary to provide companies and candidates with a valuable resource to address this task head on. ‘Private life’ and ‘work life’ are increasingly inseparable in our growing society of flexible technology and competitive entrepreneurs, hence the urgency in undertaking this important development. 

 Following is a brief overview of our service’s most valuable features; 

Easy Start

Quickly register your company’s profile or import your company’s data from: 

Create your Company page

A company page will attract the right candidates (your preferred heroes)! Import general data about your business and add photos, videos, advantages, your office addresses and other relevant information in a sharp, well presented Corporate page. 

More informative resume’s

Your Corporate resume will be more informative, more open and more social. You’re not only searching for employees, but for highly qualified people with great personalities having their own personal stories to tell.


We created a simple and intuitive dashboard that lets you easily manage your account, create job offers, search for Heroes, chat with them, receive notifications and much more.

Matching, AI Score & Future Plans

Every day, we work on improving our search algorithms to optimize efficiency and processing speed.

Our goal is to deliver the best possible results as do high performance search engines, analyzing masses of seen and hidden criteria. We’re also integrating even more advanced AI into the search results to achieve the best possible corresponding matchups in future upgrades, thereby constantly improving the entire platform.

User Score - Matching

To add the highest value and make sure we deliver the best matching results, we collect data to add an ‘internal score’ to each profile. We include online statistics, personal information, the amount of purchased contacts and much more.

This data and all the factors that influence the score are not accessible by external means and remain encrypted to be used uniquely and solely for internal scoring. We endeavor to offer all our users the best service with the highest integrity and best value for everyone. 

Chat & Video Interaction with Heroes

Online interviews are the most popular way to really connect with people today, making contacts very personal and private. Manage your complete applicant communications in one place. Use video & chat options to communicate with Heroes and accelerate your candidate selection time in a cost effective and very efficient workspace.

There are many more features in IAMHERO which differentiate us from all others. Explore our service in more detail by creating a free account and trying it out personally since you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking just a few minutes and giving us a tryout now!

Security 0

All IAMHERO servers provide the highest standards for privacy and security of all data, located in several distributed TÜV certified covert German data center locations.

All server locations are powered by 100% certified eco-power using energy-saving climate systems, allowing for 45% reduction of energy costs with 2 separate and independent power supplies and diesel generators for backup to guarantee interruption-free power supply. "


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