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Personal resume

Use your personal open profile URL or .pdf file to answer job offers on any recruiting Platform. Think what an outstanding advantage you’ll have over others who simply have a formal and ordinary plain text sheet as their presentation!

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Dynamic resume

Our resume builder is intuitive and easy to use. Make corrections and changes on the fly as you acquire new skills or services you can offer. 

Hero account

Set up a free account in minutes with your education, skills, experience & other basic info.

Connect social networks, search job offers, receive job offers or chat with a potential employer and get hired into your dream job soon. 

Superhero account

Our basic features allow you to share all of your content:
Alternative: Go premium and Add a personal video introduction, show your milestones & achievements, export your profile into a pdf format and showcase your unique personality traits.

Our premium features allow you to express your superpowers even better.

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 We created a simple and intuitive dashboard that lets you easily manage your account, create job offers, search for Heroes, chat with them, receive notifications and much more. 

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Matching, AI score & future plans

We’re working every day on improving our search algorithms.

Our goal is to deliver the best possible results similar to search engines, analyzing lots of seen and hidden criteria. We’re also planning to integrate even more advanced AI into the search results in future upgrades to constantly improve the platform. 

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Chat & video interaction

Sending out ordinary plain Resumes and then Waiting to be Called or Invited to a job interview is an ‘old-school’ method and a statistically proven waste of valuable time and energy.

Let our AI do the searching and matching with your enhanced profile while you increase your visibility even more by Sending your introduction video to potential employers. You can even make a custom video with your smart phone for a particular position and start chatting from anywhere once you're approved. It’s simply the new way of doing Business in today’s competitive Marketplace.

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All IAMHERO servers provide the highest standards for privacy and security of all data, located in several distributed TÜV certified covert German data center locations.

All server locations are powered by 100% certified eco-power using energy-saving climate systems, allowing for 45% reduction of energy costs with 2 separate and independent power supplies and diesel generators for backup to guarantee interruption-free power supply. "


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