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IAMHERO is a global career platform. Connecting people and companies in a smarter way through our AI algorithms.


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IAH Superhero Booster Initiative

Welcome to the IAH Superhero Booster Initiative  Each one of us carries a unique creative potential!  There are times in which some of us are challenged by nature, circumstances or otherwise, in the ways we are able to express ourselves or contribute to society with our unique talents.  However, no circumstance or environment is able to suppress our inherent talents or abilities to express ourselves.

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Startup Con 2018 Cologne, Germany

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We are very proud to have been accepted to participate at the Aufschwung show in Frankfurt.


IAMHERO will be participating in the Startup Village show

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Freelancing Is not an easy Job ‼

Ai assisted jobsearch engine

IAMHERO Inc is hitting the Job search Market running with its New AI Assisted Matching Engine


AI is fascinating

The new way of getting that highly valued customer

The new way of getting that Highly Valued Customer


What is Iamhero

Iamhero was created to solve the major problems which have perturbed the job search industry since its inception. We studied all the elements which were of most concern to users of job search services, methods and resources being made available to Jobseekers, Employers and freelancers. Our Team of highly qualified professional programmers have innovated and optimized an AI driven matching engine on a secure base platform for over a year while developing optimal solutions to address and solve every problem the job search industry revealed, whether in methods, resources, efficacy, cost efficiency, processing speed, internet & Mobile compatibility, social media connectivity, communications optimization, database security, esthetic visual quality, global scalability, special unique feature development and much more. The result is an outstanding service which, although still in development, offers several basic features that are finally ready to launch such as the resume services, the linking potentials and a few other essential and practical features!

There’s no better way to fully understand what we’re creating here than to setup your own free account and test drive the system as it’s being created. We invite you to setup your personal profile resume and experience this new technology first hand whether you are a Job Seeker, an Employer or a freelancer. Welcome to the new way of fulfilling your needs in this fast rising online industry.

Heroes are passionate about what they do!

Everyone is a hero in their own way. What makes a hero is when someone with talent in a certain domain is matched with a job/task which allows them to grow and expand their inherent abilities. This way they no longer work but live their passion every day and as a result, they become masters at what they do and they experience constant joy while providing most valuable services to everyone.

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How our IAMHERO Coin goes to work for you.

IAH proposes a new platform which addresses a new methodology to solve market problems and constraints. The (IAHC) transaction System, now in development, will have a revolutionary effect in the international market, allowing quick, secure and legitimate transactions to be processed and completed in seconds where before, these were simply impossible... IAMHERO Inc is coming forward with solutions which put an end to the impossibilities formerly encountered by the marketplace, such as those which the actual (Trans-Border) business model could not solve. Please watch this short detailed Video to see just how IAMHERO is moving ahead toward solving these problems and more!

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Features available with IAMHERO

Aside from the free resume profile, AI assisted matching on autopilot, the ability of viewing job offers and the free Employer’s profile account, IAMHERO also offers special premium features such as:

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Video representation

Create a short video here or upload one from any other source. Introduce yourself in a way that reflects your most natural state. We suggest you keep it under a minute long for best results.

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My active resume for employers

Your Active resume is an aesthetic overview of your competency information which keeps your personal and confidential information private.

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Me as a person profile

This feature allows you to add your social media links, blogs and video links to your profile to enhance your personality traits and create a warm relationship right from the start!

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Custom Linked pdf using online resume

Your personal link can be shared with your resume (for example, ) or also as a downloadable and printable *.pdf file attachment.

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A direct 'Chat with employer' feature

The direct chat feature allows you to open a live chat with a potential Employer to discuss conditions and benefits.

We’ve decided to utilize one of the most powerful programming languages - Ruby on Rails. Our team of programmers have years of experience in that programming environment which they have used in previous large projects very successfully.

Ruby stands with Rails between these two extremes. With perfect object orientation and a good Model View Controller (MVC) implementation, the code can be maintained and expanded very well. You also need much less code than a comparable Java application; that means the development time is much lower.
Since Ruby is an interpreted scripting language, it also has a positive effect on the development time and the learning curve.

You might be wondering why we have integrated artificial intelligence (AI) in such a project.
To our knowledge, no one has ever tried to digitize the tasks of a headhunter or HR manager, although AI is very likely able to perform this task better, faster, and more cost-effectively.

Our vision is that over the next 2 years our AI has acquired enough information and learned enough to find the best possible person for any given open position.

The project is still in development, the B2C part is 100% finished, we have about 2000 users on the platform and every day we can see new registrations. The money is urgently needed to enable further development of the platform and to explicitly program the AI. In addition, to acquire new partners (companies) and to achieve a positive cash flow as quickly as possible. And to open further international branches in Germany, Russia, Spain, Canada.



Free version      


Making resume

Officia data, expirience, edu, skills etc.        

Video represent

Case studios

Me as a person

Link / pdf using

Job search

See the job offers

My active resume for employers

Chat with employer Etc.




Distribution of tokens

  • Symbol: IAHC
  • Total amount: 2 billion
  • Type: ERC20
  • Sales total: 500 M
  • Token price: 1 ETH = 70,000 IAHC

IAHC will be tradable on exchanges. We are currently in discussion with Bittrex, ElterDelta, 


Sold during the ICO


For distribution to incentivize the ecosystem.


Allocated to stakeholders (advisors, the community, the team)

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Distribution of tokens


Smart contract

View smart contact on github Code


So far, this has been our road map and we have been on schedule for the most part. For more info pertaining to our future plans and their projected completions, consult our website at






B2B solution goes online Candidate Search, Script Matching, Notification



The First Job Placements We would like to achieve that we make the first sales with the successfully mediated candidates



Preparation for expansion Internationalization The complete website is translated into German, Russian, Spanish.



The AI goes into the test phase The AI on TensorFlow ( google AI Framework ) runs through the first test.



1.000.000 users worldwide We want to reach this number of user employees and 10,000 training courses sponsored.


5 countries IAMHERO has branches in Germany, Canada, Russia, Switzerland.

The team

Here we are! We're the guys standing behind service
philosophy, managing, developing and promoting.

Mikhael berlant

Mihail Berlant


Doing online business since 17 years. Founded several ventures. My passion is to develop products that are consumer oriented. E-commerce specialist from day one, from eBay sales advice to the creation of companies that questioned traditional sales channels. Former founder and CEO of Fotofox, successfully sold in 2016. IT consultant at Graf Master Academy and business analyst at United Crowd, a VC based on blockchain technology. Founder and platform builder of, based on unique AI to bring talent and companies together.
Sergej 1x1

Sergii Sopot


A lawyer by degree and an entrepreneur at heart. For more than 25 years I have conducted successful legal practice in Ukraine defending enterprises in court. A specialist in corporate law, ownership has created more than 10 enterprises. Owned and successfully managed recreational facilities. He was awarded for his contribution to the development of entrepreneurship in Ukraine. My motto is lifelong learning. The IamHero project is a new challenge and noble goals. Helping workers get the job of their dreams and enterprises have the best workforce.

Bewerbung kl

Alesya Gordina

Brand Manager

A Brand and community manager with a keen focus on setting and implementing social media and communication campaigns to align with marketing strategies.
Maksim kondratiev

Maksim Kondratiev

Project Manager

Experienced IT project manager, business strategist, design, art, sports and life lover. Developing game changing web & mobile projects is my rock'n'roll
Dmitrijs procvetovs

Dmitrijs Procvetovs

Lead of Development Team
Olga brede

Olga Brede

Design team Project manager
Jekaterina jefimova

Jekaterina Jefimova

Art Director
Eugene sheeleen

Eugene Sheeleen

UI Designer
Andew ovchinnikov

Andrew Ovchinnikov

PHP developer
Janis vanags

Janis Vanags

Development project manager
Uwe uehle

Uwe Uehle

Affiliate Manager

Motivate people to unleash their inner potential. Helping people to succeed and will use his arsenal of technological and marketing insights to keep everybody equipped with the most cutting edge tools and techniques.
Vadim dorman

Vadim Dorman

Marketing and Communication

Klaus Kroeger

Investor / Advisor

Klaus is co-founder, major shareholder and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Pure + Solid®, a successful company specialized in payment eco-systems and metal credit card manufacturing. He has 15 years of banking experience, lately served as Managing Director for the leading European prepaid card issuer in the United Kingdom. Klaus previously worked for Wirecard AG, KarstadtQuelle Bank AG and WestLB AG. He holds a Diploma in Marketing & Communication from the Düsseldorfer Marketing Academy “damk” and is a qualified banker.
Rainer brosy

Rainer Brosy

Marketing Manager Germany

Experienced SEO-Specialist and marketing agency owner. Rainer is over 10 years self-employed, developing various projects and helping his clients to reach their goals.


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