IAH helps Superheroes to overcome any disadvantages


As part of our mission to match people with their dream job, in which they can unleash their unique superpowers, IAMHERO Inc. has devoted its efforts towards fully supporting those members of our society, who are in some way disadvantaged due to special needs or other circumstances.

We strive to help them overcome any hurdles, matching them to their dream job and bring forward solutions to make way for them to thrive in a fulfilling environment.

IAH's commitment to Superheroes with Disabilities

People who are diagnosed with any physical or intellectual disability, and therefore are impacted in their ability to express their superpowers, will be able to use all IAMHERO services at no cost to them.

IAH’s complete pallet of services will be absolutely free for them to benefit from, while they are in such a state of disability.

In addition, IAMHERO will waive the fees on the part of the employer in case a hire occurs, in support of not only the employee but also the employer, who integrates a disabled person into their existing business.



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Send us an email with your personal story or a document stating your diagnosed condition, so we can upgrade you to Superhero status.



Receive job offers. Hiring you is completely free for potential employers.

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If you are aware of any organization that supports people with physical or intellectual disabilities, we encourage you to have them contact us, so we can discuss with them how they could enable their members to be provided with free access to our services as well.


We are proud to contribute to a world where any disadvantaged individual can be inspired and empowered to access their true potential and unleash their superpowers!