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It’s hard to imagine modern popular culture without the game: you’ll find ‘Ferris wheel’ in classic gangster movies, hilarious and silly sitcoms and even post-apocalyptic video games, and your friend has probably buzzed your ears with his ‘100% winning’ strategy. Being very simple in its essence, roulette seems to hypnotize fans of gambling with the rotation of the colorful wheel and the soft rattling of the rolling ball. They say it’s hard just to watch the process: the opportunity to snap a big score so attracts you to throw at least a few chips on the “zero.”

The “invasion” of cryptocurrencies in the world of online gambling has added many advantages and new opportunities. Bitcoin roulette allows you to still quench your sense of excitement, while maintaining complete anonymity and independence from outside control. The benefits are obvious to both the player and the institution. Therefore, we bring to your attention crypto casinos that have already opened the doors of breakthrough technology.

To tell the truth, it will be quite easy to find a portal to your liking, since we are dealing with almost the most popular of gambling games. Even though we can’t provide reviews of all cryptocurrency gambling sites, we will still write a few words about well-known bitcoin casinos.


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Table of Contents

How many types of Bitcoin roulette are there?

Bitcoin roulette online is one of the most popular games in BTC casinos. Its advantage over the classic live roulette is that there are a huge number of types of roulette available at online casinos.

The most popular varieties of bitcoin roulette are American and European. You can predict from the name of these types of roulette that the rules of these games are based on the rules of real roulette in these different parts of the world. American Roulette is dominant in US casinos, while European Roulette is most common in Europe.

Types of crypto roulette

However, there are other popular types of roulette, namely:

American Bitcoin roulette

To play American Roulette there are special chips with their own denomination. Each face value has a different color. This is done to simplify the collection, sorting of chips and payment of winnings to the players. American crypto – roulette online is available on many BTC casino sites.

Unlike European versions of roulette, in the American roulette hand croupier collects chips from the table. All this speeds up the game, making it even more exciting and dynamic.

The reduced set of possible bets in the game also affects the game speed.

A new round in the game begins after the dealer says “Place your bets”. The ball is launched along the stationary bowl in the opposite direction to the rotation of the moving part of the roulette wheel.

Playing roulette for bitcoins is very simple. Bets on the playing field can make the players themselves or the croupier at the request of the player. If a player made an inaccurate bet, the dealer has the right to correct it, specifying the player where he wanted to put his chips.

The game of roulette for cryptocurrency has the same goal, regardless of whether it’s American, European, French or any other roulette – to guess the number on the roulette wheel, where the ball will fall. Numbered sectors on the American Roulette wheel are 38, of which two sectors give the casino an advantage in the game – it’s zero and double zero.

European crypto roulette

European roulette is often referred to as single zero roulette. This is the simplest game with one sector “zero”, such a game of roulette for cryptocurrency is very popular.

The European roulette wheel consists of 37 red and black sectors, differing only by the zero, which is highlighted in green. The player needs to guess in what number the ball will stop. In addition, you can choose not only one particular number, but also a group of numbers, red or black, large or small numbers, even or odd, etc. If you decide to play bitcoin roulette in the casino online, note that the highest odds depend on a single number, the more numbers your bet covers, the lower the payout ratio in case of success.

European roulette betting options:

French Bitcoin roulette

French Roulette in the crypto – casino has several features that distinguish it from the American and European versions. Especially worth noting the rule of La Partage (French for “exchange”) and the possibility of reducing the advantage of the game institution to 1.35%. La Partage rule states that if the player’s bet is placed in the “prison”, he can continue the game or take back half of the bet. If the first option is a win-win, the player will get back the entire bet. The maximum bet multiplier when playing French Roulette is 35. At the same time, if the bet falls to “zero”, it goes to the gambling establishment.

Also French Roulette online casino distinguishes from European roulette the possibility to make bets, using a special arrangement of fields and the traditional French terminology. As in other versions of the game, bets are divided into internal and external.

Multiple crypto Roulette

You can play online Multi Wheel Roulette for Bitcoins using from one to eight wheels, each of which has a traditional set of 37 sectors with one zero. At the same time in Multi Wheel Roulette rules of classical European roulette apply.

Multi Wheel Roulette accepts tokens from $1 to $50. The winnings are calculated according to the standard odds table.

Here are the possible bets before starting the wheel:

Another interesting feature of Multi Wheel Roulette: Despite having eight wheels at once, only one payout table is displayed on the field. The game has no unique bets for each roulette wheel separately. All wheels spin with the same deposit, but the winnings are transferred to the game account from each prize position. For example, if you play on four of the eight wheels, you get the total prize amount multiplied by 4.

The design of Multi Wheel Bitcoin Video Roulette deserves special attention. In Multi Wheel Roulette, users can save up to four different versions for later automatic triggering.

How much can I bet in BTC roulette?

The limits of possible bets vary from one casino to another. If you want to play roulette at a crypto casino, you need to check this information before you start playing at a particular casino. At the same time, you should pay your attention to the volatility of bitcoin, because its value is changing all the time. It can happen that it will exceed $40,000 and then drop to $35,000. Of course, such events have a direct impact on betting, and the player should monitor this situation closely.

In most casinos, the lowest bet is 5 and the maximum is 200 satoshi per spin. In some casinos, the maximum bet reaches 1 BTC per spin. There is a fast game option, with its help you can make a lot more bets, from this the game becomes even more exciting. Playing online – roulette for bitcoins is not only fun, but also safe, as this game uses the best modern technology that protects your game and increases your chances of winning.

Bet in Bitcoin roulette

Bitcoin video roulette deposit bonus

The competition in online casinos is really huge, with more and more new providers popping up. An equally huge number of competitors are fighting for a large number of customers. That’s why every best bitcoin roulette casino offers its users all sorts of marketing promotions and a variety of bonuses. Among them may be referral links for friends and acquaintances, which benefit both the invited guest, and the one who invited him, as well as various promo codes timed to promotions.

But the most common in all online casinos are still the two most common types of bonuses:

As the name suggests, a no deposit bonus is a bonus where you are not required to deposit a certain amount as a deposit into your account. All you need to do in most cases to access your bonus is to go through the registration process, after which bitcoin online casino will immediately give you a bonus to your personal account. As for BTC roulette, such bonuses usually include free spins, which are a great way to make more money playing crypto roulette.

Deposit Bonus

To take advantage of the deposit bonus, after you create an account, you must first make your deposit, after which the casino will provide you with additional money. You can use this money to buy credits in various roulette variants.

Typically, all casinos have a certain minimum deposit amount threshold that must be deposited in order to receive a bonus. Usually, as a deposit bonus, you get 100% of the amount of the deposit itself, so there is an upper threshold as well. Deposit bonus terms vary from casino to casino. In some bitcoin online casinos this bonus can be used on all machines.

Why should you play BTC roulette?

So, we come to the most important point of our guide – why should you try bitcoin roulette? Considering the fact that this type of game is relatively new, it is still under development. However, there are certain benefits that can already be named.

First of all, BTC roulette is no different from regular roulette, the concept of the game remains the same, which means you won’t have to deal with any new rules or difficulties associated with it. The only thing that’s different is that here you’re playing for bitcoin, not traditional money. This helps you stay anonymous, which means that your transactions are not visible to banks and central regulators. This frees you from additional problems, you can play as much as you want, and no one will track your records.

Play in BTC roulette

The best crypto roulette, unlike the usual one, has Provably Fair technology – an algorithm that provides much higher earnings than in the standard counterpart. You can be sure that the game is fair and safe, playing roulette at online bitcoin casino.

Author: Ganry Colins

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